The Problem:

Nutritional value is lost during the traditional cooking process.  Premium ingredients mean nothing if the nutrients are cooked out of the final product.

The Solution - Heat Isolate Technology

Heat Isolate Technology or H.I.T., is cutting-edge cooking technology that ensures essential nutrients such as Fats, Vitamins, and Probiotics are properly infused and retained in every one of your pet's kibbles.

Artemis Pet Food is prepared inside a heat-controlled vacuum-sealed infusion chamber that densely coats the kibble with essential nutrients.  Pressurized air then gently pushes these key ingredients past the surface and into the micro-pores of each kibble, sealing in the nutritional bio-availability.  

The Result

The result is a nutrient rich pet food with a longer shelf life.  At Artemis, we use sustainably sourced ingredients and pure filtered water at our human-rated food production facility to ensure your pet is getting the best quality food on the market.

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