Ancestry Meets Evolution

Choosing the best diet for your dog can be confusing — are they meat-loving carnivores or are they omnivores that should also be eating grains and plants?
We believe the answer can be both. High-meat diets fulfill dogs’ biological needs and the species has also evolved to produce the digestive enzymes necessary to access the vitamins, minerals, and fiber in carbohydrates.

Artemis H.I.T. is low-carb with the right carbs.

Our kibble supports a meat-rich diet with highly digestible carbohydrates to ensure your dog receives all the essential nutrients it needs to be at its best. We’ve skipped the standard, over-processed starches that can trigger inflammation and potentially compromise overall health. Instead, Artemis H.I.T. is formulated with healthy, low-glycemic whole grains and quinoa, to provide additional nutrients with optimal absorption.
The result is a biologically appropriate diet that balances ancestry with evolution, so your four-legged friend has all the nourishment and energy it needs to thrive.