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Holistic Approach To Pet Food

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The Benefits of Barley Grass

Sep 16, 2013

Posted By: Christine N.; Photo by Roman Plessl on flickr

Photo by Roman Plessl on flickr

As pet lovers and parents, we always want what is best for our furry companions.  We make sure they get enough exercise, are mentally stimulated, and most importantly, eat well.  We carefully research different foods and ingredient to see what would provide the optimal diet.  How do these ingredients, such as barley grass, benefit our pets?  What, on Earth, is it?

The barley plant's flowers grow as beard-like spikes, which produce barley grains.  Barley grass is the leafy portion of the barley plant that remains once the grain have been removed.  Reaching up to three feet in height, the barley plant has been used for skin treatments, liver, blood, and GI disorders since biblical times.  

Aside from providing essential vitamins and minerals, this versatile plant can aid in cleansing of your pet's system.  Pets with sensitive stomachs may benefit from barley grass' active enzymes that may assist in proper digestion and nutrient absorption.  In addition, the high chlorophyll content in barley grass is believed to be a natural detox agent, cleanser, mild antibiotic, breath freshener, and even may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  

Fortunately, barley grass is an essential ingredient in all dry Artemis Pet Food.  Along with our blend of chelated minerals, barley grass ensured optimal nutrient absorption.  As always, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian prior to beginning any supplemental regimen. 


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